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Let's Make Live Hairy and Scary Cupcakes with Tracey Mann

This is a live class making Wilton Hairy and Scary Monster Cupcakes with Wilton Instructor Tracey Mann. The class will be held on Wednesday 28th October at 6.30pm-8.30pm on a Closed Facebook Group. You will have access to this class forever and can watch it as many times as you like, so if you are unable to join the live class you can still have access to watch in your own time.

You will need the following items to take part in the class, if you wish to make them with me you will need these items available

To make the cupcakes you will need the following items

12 cupcakes

Approx 750g buttercream, circle cutter ( approx 2 inches diameter)

Assorted gel colours - orange, red, pink, lime green, blue ( any bright colours)

White sugar paste 250g

Black sugar paste 200g

Rolling Pin

Icing sugar, cranked palette knife, bowls for colouring buttercream

Nozzle number 3, number 16 x 2 and Grass nozzle

Three piping bags with adaptors