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Limited Stock Multi Coloured Cigarellos 200g

Multi coloured chocolate Cigarellos 200g

6 inch round cake - requires approximately 57 chocolate cigarellos

  • Each chocolate cigarello measures 9.7cm length x 0.6cm width
  • Made from high quality, Belgian chocolate with a 'melt in the mouth' indulgent texture.
  • How many chocolate cigarellos will I need?
  • For placing the chocolate cigarellos vertically around the side of a cake you can either measure the circumference of the cake tin (One inch (2.5cm) equates 3 cigarellos approximately) or use the cake tin guide below (which uses a diameter measurement of the tin, not circumference). Allow for some extra chocolate cigarellos for approximation and possible breakages.
  • One inch equates to 3 chocolate cigarellos approximately.

Dietary Information