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Dusting Powder

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Cocoa butter Painting Kit for Beginners

This is a beginners cocoa butter cake painting kit. The kit includes

1 x metal palette,

1 x cocoa butter 100g,

4 Paintbrushes sizes 0, 1, 2 and 3,

11 dusting colours ( black, white, red, brown, spring green, primrose, dusky pink, egg yellow, cream, petal blue, woodland green.)

Please note Edable Art Snowflake is no longer available due to changes in the law with E171 and will be replaced with Sugarflair white)

This kit is designed to includes all the equipment you need to paint the Beginners cocoa butter cake painting course. ( you will need 4 x 6inch cake boards, sugarpaste, bowl for hot water OR a Chrome food warmer from Amazon, Kitchen roll or paper towel)